Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Truth Recovery and Post-Truth Recovery

At some point, I guess, most 9/11 Truth seekers will have gathered enough elements of the truth about 9/11. They are convinced that the owls are not what they seem, to borrow a popular phrase from FBI agent Dale Cooper from the famous David Lynch TV series Twin Peaks.

At this point they (or we) will seek or hope for a closure to this nightmare world of proving or arguing the points. They will start looking for «The Final Evidence», or the piece of evidence that will «open eveyone's eyes». But as we all know, there will most likely never be any such Ultimate Piece, and besides the multitude of existing evidence seen together should already be more than enough for others to realise what's gone down. If it weren't for the psy-ops and psycho-warfare being waged against us all.

Then comes the question of Post-Truth Recovery. How to deal with the fact that elements of our own governments took part in the planting of those bombs in New York, Madrid and London (to name but a few). How can we go on living in and being a part of such a society? How can we ever trust the media after they failed us so absolutely?

What do you think about this? Please share your thoughts...

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