Monday, December 31, 2007

True Lessons of 2007 – Confessions of a 9/11 Truther

Somewhat inspired by Richard D. Brinkman at 9/11 Blogger, I felt the urge to write a few words about what I learned from being a «truther» in 2007.

But first, a short summary. We do not know for sure why the mainstream media are so tight on the 9/11 issue, however we do know some of the effects of this. In short, even the very best evidence for an inside job – the collapse time, indicating with absolute certainty that the Twin Towers were blown apart – will not be printed or get a natural amount of media coverage. For «veteran» truthers like myself, this leads to immense frustration and anger.

In that frustration, some truthers seek the company of those who will listen, and they in turn listen to them, and after some time the honest truthers forget that they already found enough evidence to nail & jail the inside jobbers for life.

So the truthers start looking for the Absolute Truth™ about 9/11, meaning how exactly the towers were blown apart, by what/who, what type of aircraft hit them, how many aircraft, etc etc.

This is a trap. You do not need to go there, and you shouldn’t. Think about it: You already found sufficient evidence for putting the inside jobbers behind bars. What more do you need at this stage? Surely the full and absolute truth will be sought and found, once the full force of the mass media and the democratic institutions of society have woken up to the grim truth of the 9/11 inside job & subsequent cover-up.

For the purpose of waking people up, I can find no better tool than the final version of the 9/11 documentary film Loose Change, titled «Loose Change: Final Cut».