Friday, February 25, 2005

DVD and Multimedia

In Santa Rosa, California in October 2004, professor David Ray Griffin gave a speech about his new book, entitled The 9/11 Commission Report — Omissions And Distortions. His lecture was filmed and edited by Portland-based Snowshoe Films, who later produced a 59 minute DVD.

The makers of the DVD encourage buyers to host private or public screenings to reach out and inform as many as possible. You can order it from

The kind people at even keep a downloadable copy of the lecture on the DVD at their Open Source Movies site. So all you need to do is go there, click save as, and then show it to your friends. Alternatively you can burn it on a CD and make copies for friends as well as your family. Maybe even pop it in the post to your favorite Mayor or Congressman?

Bundled with one of Griffin's great books, this CD or DVD should make the perfect gift for the curious, unprejudiced person!

And, as mentioned in the previous blog item, you can hear an interview from Pacifica Radio, also about Griffin's latest book.

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